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Taritas is a leading AI development company. We deliver custom AI development services where we use cutting-edge technology like Microsoft Azure AI, Azure Prompt Flow, Azure On Your Data with multiple models like Open AI GPT 3.5 Turbo, GPT 4, GPT 4 with Vision, LLaMA 2, Dall-E and more, with Agile Development by a team of AI experts to provide you with QA-tested AI solutions tailored to your needs.

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Our Range of AI Development Services

Our AI development services will help you enhance customer interactions, streamline processes, and make smarter decisions driven by AI. Our custom AI apps and software development services are crafted to meet your unique business needs. Let’s innovate together for your business's success.

About Us

Leading AI Development Company Providing Tailored AI Solutions

Taritas is an agile AI-based app and software development company with a Head Office and development centers in India. We take pride in being a Microsoft Gold Partner and the sole authorized Microsoft Xamarin/Dot Net MAUI consulting partner in Central India. 
Our skilled team excels in a range of technologies, including Xamarin, Dot Net MAUI, Azure AI, OpenAI, Semantic Kernel, and more.

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Use Cases

Discover the practical applications of our AI services in our use cases section. Here, we showcase how AI can solve real-world business challenges and drive innovation across various industries. Explore these cases to see the tangible impact of Our AI solution.

Taritas Project Scoping

Automated Customer Assistance

We build AI Solution to automate customer service by instantly answering common questions and guiding users through complex troubleshooting, reducing wait times, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Taritas Roadmap Design

Real-Time Document Search

We build AI Solution to make navigating through large documents or manuals quick and efficient, significantly improving productivity and information accessibility.

Taritas Development and Coding

Citizen Service Enhancement

Implementing AI in public services can streamline citizen-government interactions, making information access and query resolution more efficient.

Taritas Launch & Scale

Learning and Development

AI as a learning assistant can personalize educational experiences, providing tailored support for understanding complex concepts or acquiring new skills.

Taritas Launch & Scale

Legal Insight and Analysis

In the legal sector, we build AI Solution to rapidly analyze documents and provide insights, aiding lawyers in client advice and case preparation.

Taritas Launch & Scale

Marketing Strategy Development

We build AI Solution to analyze vast amounts of marketing data to offer strategic insights, helping businesses make data-driven marketing decisions.

Taritas Launch & Scale

Software Development Support

We build AI Solution to assist developers by generating code samples based on specific requirements, increasing efficiency, and reducing development time.

Taritas Launch & Scale

HR Process Automation

We build AI Solution to handle routine HR queries based on company policies, improving internal communication and efficiency.

Taritas Launch & Scale

Industry and Competitive Analysis

AI-driven tools can provide in-depth analysis of market trends and competitor strategies, crucial for strategic business planning.

Taritas Launch & Scale

General Health Advice

We build AI Solution to provide basic health information and advice, enhancing healthcare accessibility and support.

Taritas Launch & Scale

Predictive Maintenance for Technology

We build AI Solution to predict maintenance needs in technology, leading to improved customer support and product longevity.

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“Surprised with their professionalism”

“It's always somewhat of a risk to outsource a project with an unknown group. We hired Taritas to convert one of our iPhone apps over to the Android platform. I was pleasantly surprised with their professionalism, technical expertise as well as the tools & processes they have in place to ensure the project was successful. They completed the project ahead of schedule with minimal oversight.”

Blake Thornley
Chief Technology Officer TGS
Taritas TGS

“Taritas has a highly professional team”

“Taritas has a highly professional team of Developers who will deliver high-end quality work on time. I thoroughly appreciate the thoughtful, fully engaged, and the above and beyond work/awareness that Abhishek and team brings to the table”

Soumitra, Founder
Never Stop Learning
Taritas Never stop Learning

“Best Development agency”

“Working with Taritas is a great collaborative experience. The skills of the team are excellent and with our technically demanding project they have quickly developed new competencies, ensuring that we were delivered a cutting edge application.”

Ed Heal
Taritas Make swift

“Taritas delivered exceptional-quality work”

“Taritas delivered exceptional-quality work for our business mobile app using the Xamarin / Dot Net MAUI .Forms platform. They are experienced, extremely reliable, communicates well, and was able to meet all requirements and timelines. I enjoyed working with Taritas and already have a second project for him in the near future”

Data Sense
Taritas Data sense

“Best Development agency”

“This is our second time using Taritas for our mobile development, and the results are stellar every time!”

Sam Nameh
President, SPP
taritas president SSP

“Taritas did an outstanding job”

“Taritas did an outstanding job. They are reliable and consistent in meeting deadlines. I would certainly use their services for Xamarin / Dot Net MAUI mobile development in the future.”

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