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Have questions? We have answers

We have drafted this FAQ page to answer many of the frequently asked questions we were asked along the way.

For how long Taritas has been around?

Taritas was born in August 2012. We have nearly been in the business for last 10 years now.

Why should we hire Taritas for our next work?

If you are looking for quality work which includes design, development, go to market & post production analysis for your mobile apps, consider Taritas as one of your gold partners.

Do you provide only the design services for our mobile apps?

Yes, we can help you conceptualize your App's UI based on the industry standard & platform specific UX guidelines. We can even do the XAML for you if you would like to do the backend code for the apps yourself.

We have an existing team, do you provide expert team members to work along side our teams?

Yes, <check out our pre-built packages> or <contact us> for a quote tailored specific to your requirements.

What is Taritas' specialization?

While Taritas works on various web & mobile app platforms, we are an expert in cross platform mobile app development using Xamarin & Dot Net MAUI.

What backend do you support with Xamarin Apps?

We prefer & advocate using Azure as the backend, but if you have any other service that hosts your REST APIs, we are totally cool with that too.

Do you work on any other tech apart from Xamarin/ Dot Net MAUI?

Yes, we do. We can help you with your work in other technologies such as WPF, Dot Net Core, Angular, React and more. <Contact us> so we can help you with your specific queries.

Why Xamarin/ Dot Net MAUI?

a. While there are many cross platform technologies available to work with today, Xamarin has been one of the oldest. Here are some reasons why you should consider Xamarin/ Dot Net MAUI as your choice of framework for your next cross platform mobile app development.
b. Xamarin apps are native: Unlike other frameworks, apps developed with Xamarin are 100% native. i.e. They look & feel exactly like the native apps because they are. They have access to all APIs available in underlaying platform be it Android or iOS.
c. Xamarin/ Dot Net MAUI promotes code sharing: Which means you don't need to hire multiple developers to get your Android & iOS apps done, they both get developed simultaneously with a single code base that shares up to 90% of the code. Resulting in faster go to market & less development costs.
d. Xamarin/ Dot Net MAUI is open sourced: Anyone can use it, there is no license required & is backed & officially supported by Microsoft.
e. Have ore questions <Talk to us>