Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets forth our policy regarding collection, use and disclosure of certain information related to your use of this site. By using this site, you signify you understand and accept the terms of our privacy policy.

We understand the importance of privacy and shall strive to protect the privacy of the users of this site. We do not collect information about specific users to disclose to any other site or for any other purpose than to provide the services and products described on this site to users of this site. We will not sell, trade or convey email lists or other personal information we obtain to any third party.

See below for additional information regarding whom we may share your personal information. In various places on this site, personal information is requested. That information shall be used for the purposes stated in those sections and to notify you of any changes to our site, services offered by us or products available for purchase from us. If at any time you desire to have your information removed from our site, please notify us and we will remove you from our list. We may send a confirming email to the email we have on file for you before we remove your information to ensure that you are the person asking for the removal of information.


If you provide information to another site that is linked from this site, we are unable to provide any protection or guarantee of safety of such information or otherwise protect your privacy. We strongly encourage you to review the privacy policy of other sites linked from our site before providing any personal information on such sites.


We may use cookies to identify you as a valid user, to ensure that no one else can sign on simultaneously with your account from another computer, to serve you better on your registration and use preferences, for promotionaland advertising purposes and event participation.

Any such information obtained by cookies will be restricted by the same information restrictions stated above, and not sold or given to a third party without notice to you and without your consent.


We may use third party service providers to help us track the activity within our site. These third parties may use temporary cookies and/or web beaconing technology to facilitate such tracking, but the data would not be tracked in a personally identifiable way. Third parties whose products or services are accessible on our site may also use cookies, and we advise you to check the privacy policies of those third parties for information about their privacy practices.


Amberlin endeavors to protect the security of your personal information and your choices for its intended use. We store your personal information on a secure server, and use procedures designed to protect the personal information we collect from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure.

Although we will take (and require our third-party providers to take) commercially reasonable security precautions regarding your personal information collected from and stored on the Site, due to the open nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that any of your personal information stored on our servers, or transmitted to or from a user, will be free from unauthorized access, and we disclaim any liability for any theft or loss of, unauthorized access or damage to, or interception of any data or communications. By using the Site, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to assume these risks.

Linking To This Site

All links to this Web site must be approved in writing by Amberlin, except that Amberlin consents to links in which the link and the pages that are activated by the link do not: (a) create frames around any page on this Web site or use other techniques that alter in any way the visual presentation or appearance of any content within this site;
(b) misrepresent your relationship with Amberlin;
(c) imply that Amberlin approves or endorses you, your Web site, or your service or product offerings; and
(d) present false or misleading impressions about Amberlin or otherwise damage the goodwill associated with the Amberlin and Deep Magic names or trademarks.

As a further condition to being permitted to link to this site, you agree that Amberlin may at any time, in its sole discretion, terminate permission to link to this Web site. In such event, you agree to immediately remove all links to this Web site and to cease using any Amberlin and Deep Magic trademark(s).