Why Hire Taritas as your Mobile App Developers

Taritas is a well-established and experienced software outsourcing company that delivers next-generation software solutions for a wide variety of industries, throughout the UK, USA and the rest of the world.

Through combining our comprehensive knowledge of software and application development with the benefits of offshore outsourcing, Taritas is able to provide extremely high-quality and competitive development services. We are primarily focused on minimising project costs and maximising profitability for our clients, and providing a top-quality software solution whatever your individual needs.

Our experience and unique skillset enable us to be able to develop almost any application imaginable. From mobile booking apps for doctors’ surgeries to bespoke pieces of management software for start-ups, we’ve delivered on an impressive range of projects – allow us to deliver your project on time and well within budget.

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What is Xamarin and why is it special?

Cross platform mobile app development

With Xamarin you can have your Android/iOS/Windows apps with single code base. Helping you go to market fast.

Reduced cost and time

Xamarin allows us to share up to 90% code between platforms, allowing you to save up to 63% of time to go to market & up to 68% of costs in development.

Open source

Xamarin and C# are open sourced and are backed by Microsoft. you can be rest assured that you will easily find developers to manage your apps long term.

100% Native apps

Apps developed with Xamarin are 100% native and have access to all device hardware, sensors & APIs.

Taritas’ Simple 5-Step Delivery Process

1. Plan

We break your requirements into executable tasks & plan them in chunks of 2- weeks sprints.
Your top priority tasks are planned first.

2. Develop

Our developers then develop the features based on the planned sprint.
Since we use Xamarin for cross-platform development, both your Android and iOS apps are developed simultaneously.

3. Test

Our QAs test the complete features on real Android and iOS devices and send them for your approval.

4. Release

Once you are happy with your application we release it to Android / iOS markets.

5. Repeat

Once the 2-weeks sprint is over, the entire cycle is repeated and a new sprint is created.
This gives you a flexible and fast approach to take your apps to market.

Get version one of your app in just 3 months

To evidence our commitment and expert approach, we are proud to offer a 3 month guarantee on a fully-functioning first version of your application, from scratch. That’s from concept to creation, in only 3 months *.

What Our Partners Say

“Taritas delivered exceptional-quality work for our business mobile app using the Xamarin.Forms platform. They are experienced, extremely reliable, communicates well, and was able to meet all requirements and timelines. I enjoyed working with Taritas and already have a second project for him in the near future” - Sam, Data Sense
“Taritas has a highly professional team of Developers who will deliver high-end quality work on time. I thoroughly appreciate the thoughtful, fully engaged, and the above and beyond work/awareness that Abhishek and team brings to the table” - Soumitra, Founder, Never Stop Learning
“Working with Taritas is a great collaborative experience. The skills of the team are excellent and with our technically demanding project they have quickly developed new competencies, ensuring that we were delivered a cutting edge application.” - Ed Heal, MakeSwift
“It's always somewhat of a risk to outsource a project with an unknown group. We hired Taritas to convert one of our iPhone apps over to the Android platform. I was pleasantly surprised with their professionalism, technical expertise as well as the tools & processes they have in place to ensure the project was successful. They completed the project ahead of schedule with minimal oversight.” - Blake Thornley, Chief Technology Officer TGS
“This is our second time using Taritas for our mobile development, and the results are stellar every time!” - Sam Nameh, President, SPP
“Taritas did an outstanding job. They are reliable and consistent in meeting deadlines. I would certainly use their services for Xamarin mobile development in the future.” - A happy client (Name & Designation hidden on request)

Judge us by the company we keep.

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Taritas is Microsoft Gold Partner

Taritas is Microsoft Gold Partner in Application development category. You can safely rely on us for all your custom application development needs.

ISO 9001:2015 & 27001 Certified

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Taritas ensures that all statutory and regulatory requirements are met.

Official Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner with Microsoft.

You can trust us for all your mobile app development needs, we are one of the only handful Indian companies who are official Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner with Microsoft.