L.B. Foster
April 2024

Inform Media delivers mobile journey planning for railway passengers

Inform Media by L.B. Foster is a comprehensive end-to-end digital information platform that brings together journey-planning data feeds from a...



Customer Size:

Large (1,000 - 9,999 employees)

Inform Media delivers  mobile journey  planning for railway  passengers

Mobile journey planning

Inform Media by L.B. Foster is a comprehensive end-to-end digital information platform that brings together journey-planning data feeds from a variety of sources to inform personal and business travel decision-making.

Its integrated hardware and software solution combines the latest in high-definition touchscreen technology with tailored data feeds.

Taritas' expertise in Microsoft technologies enabled it to empower L.B. Foster's product with superior quality and no-code configuration options that give L.B. Foster a critical competitive advantage.

Taritas Software Solutions, L.B. Foster, & Microsoft Azure App Service, Windows 10 IoT, WPF

Customer Challenges

Founded in 1902, L.B. Foster is a U.S.-owned corporation with a large presence in the United Kingdom. It currently supplies the UK rail industry with a wide range of screen and digital display software. L.B. Foster tasked Taritas with producing an information platform that allowed rail network and the train operator companies to efficiently communicate with their passengers. The platform needed to be simple to use and have a consistent, intuitive, and inclusive interface that could be easily accessed by all, including mobility-impaired users.

Partner Solution

By working closely, L.B. Foster and Taritas created a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) app that can be customized and structured according to the needs of each location. The solution provides a complete information library that passengers can access at the touch of a button. By leveraging Microsoft Windows 10 Internet of Things (IoT) functionality, the app uploads the status and usage of each screen to Microsoft Azure for analysis and reporting. The cloud-based capabilities also keep the information on screens focused and relevant.

Customer Benefits

Railway passengers in the United Kingdom now have access to cutting-edge information apps that provide a consistent user experience across every station. Passengers can receive passive content showing departure information, as well as route maps with disruption visualizations to provide context. They can also use a touch screen to access wayfinding and onward journey information.

  • Live train information can be displayed on mobile, battery-powered screens over 4G, providing critical backup in case hard-wired systems in railway stations suffer failures.
  • Route disruption can now be displayed in a detailed map view to better inform passengers of how the change will impact their journey.
  • Passengers with disabilities can tap a Flip Screen button to transpose interactive elements from the top half to the bottom, ensuring application accessibility for users in wheelchairs


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“Taritas has a highly professional team of Developers who will deliver high-end quality work on time. I thoroughly appreciate the thoughtful, fully engaged, and the above and beyond work/awareness that Abhishek and team brings to the table”

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“Taritas delivered exceptional-quality work for our business mobile app using the Xamarin / Dot Net MAUI .Forms platform. They are experienced, extremely reliable, communicates well, and was able to meet all requirements and timelines. I enjoyed working with Taritas and already have a second project for him in the near future”

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“This is our second time using Taritas for our mobile development, and the results are stellar every time!”

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“Taritas did an outstanding job. They are reliable and consistent in meeting deadlines. I would certainly use their services for Xamarin / Dot Net MAUI mobile development in the future.”

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