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Let's make Al work for you, utilizing the latest AI technologies of Microsoft Azure Al, Open AI, LLaMA 2 and more, to provide you with Tailored Al consultancy and development services for the below mentioned services.
  • Al Chatbots - to improve how you interact with your customers
  • Al Copilots and Automation - to make your internal processes smoother
  • Custom Al apps and software - designed for your unique needs
  • Fully autonomous Al agents - tailored to what you need.
  • Custom AI Enabled Proof of Concept or POCs
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Taritas is an agile Software Development Company headquartered in India. As Microsoft Gold Partner, we are official, certified Xamarin / Dot Net MAUI App Developers specialized in bespoke solutions running on Microsoft Azure.
Microsoft Gold Partner XamarinISO

Our AI Development Services

We specialize in a spectrum of AI services, each designed to bring a new level of intelligence and efficiency to your operations

Understanding the Difference between types of AI Solutions

AI Solutions

Our Tech Stack

We harness the power of leading AI technologies to deliver unparalleled solutions

Tailored AI Solutions

Our AI solutions are bespoke, developed to meet your specific business challenges, using cutting-edge AI technologies to create innovative, efficient, and impactful solutions.

Expert AI Team with Custom Integration

Our team of AI experts ensures seamless integration of AI into your existing systems, enhancing your capabilities and providing a foundation for data-driven decision-making.

Robust Security with Continuous Support

As a Microsoft Gold Partner We maintain high standards of security in all our AI solutions, complemented by continuous development support to keep your AI applications effective and relevant.

Ethical AI Practices and Actionable Insights

Our AI development adheres to ethical standards, focusing on responsible and fair use of AI. We also focus on providing actionable insights, enhancing your decision-making and business processes.

Client-Centric AI Development

Our AI development process is centered around understanding and aligning with your vision, ensuring that the AI solutions we create have a significant and positive impact on your business.

Why Choose Our Custom AI Development Services?

Our custom AI development services blend cutting-edge technology with deep industry insights to deliver solutions that are not just innovative, but also perfectly aligned with your business objectives. We understand the transformative power of AI and are committed to unlocking its full potential for your business. Here's why partnering with us will set you on a path to AI-driven success.

Our Clients

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Our portfolio

Our Portfolio is a showcase of our incredible AI solutions we build. Discover how we have built some incredible AI solutions with our AI expertise

Our Projects


Don’t take our word for it.
See what our past clients say.

“Surprised with their professionalism”

“It's always somewhat of a risk to outsource a project with an unknown group. We hired Taritas to convert one of our iPhone apps over to the Android platform. I was pleasantly surprised with their professionalism, technical expertise as well as the tools & processes they have in place to ensure the project was successful. They completed the project ahead of schedule with minimal oversight.”

Blake Thornley
Chief Technology Officer TGS
Taritas TGS

“Taritas has a highly professional team”

“Taritas has a highly professional team of Developers who will deliver high-end quality work on time. I thoroughly appreciate the thoughtful, fully engaged, and the above and beyond work/awareness that Abhishek and team brings to the table”

Soumitra, Founder
Never Stop Learning
Taritas Never stop Learning

“Best Development agency”

“Working with Taritas is a great collaborative experience. The skills of the team are excellent and with our technically demanding project they have quickly developed new competencies, ensuring that we were delivered a cutting edge application.”

Ed Heal
Taritas Make swift

“Taritas delivered exceptional-quality work”

“Taritas delivered exceptional-quality work for our business mobile app using the Xamarin / Dot Net MAUI .Forms platform. They are experienced, extremely reliable, communicates well, and was able to meet all requirements and timelines. I enjoyed working with Taritas and already have a second project for him in the near future”

Data Sense
Taritas Data sense

“Best Development agency”

“This is our second time using Taritas for our mobile development, and the results are stellar every time!”

Sam Nameh
President, SPP
taritas president SSP

“Taritas did an outstanding job”

“Taritas did an outstanding job. They are reliable and consistent in meeting deadlines. I would certainly use their services for Xamarin / Dot Net MAUI mobile development in the future.”

A happy client
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AI is changing everything quickly, and it's hard to keep up. But, you don't have to do it alone. If you have an idea for an AI app, want to test your idea with a Proof of Concept, or just want to add AI to your existing apps, we're here to help.Book a free call with us. We'll talk about what you want to do, answer your questions, and show you how AI can work for you.Let's make your AI ideas come to life together