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What are the differences between software and web development

What are the differences between software and web development

What are the differences between software and web development

In the age of AI, Big Data, and machine learning and with the consequential rising importance of programming, lots of things are happening very quickly in the world of computing. What does this all lead to? It leads to many terms being largely misunderstood or used wrongly. This is the reason why it’s essential to learn what are the differences between Web Development and Software Development

If you're reading this article, you are likely aware of the term development and we can assume that you already know what is software and what is meant by the term software development.

But do you also know why it is so important for your business and why a professional requires software development?

When you hear about all of this, something abstract comes to mind because, for inexperienced people, this says everything and nothing. In fact, software development is a task for computer technicians and engineers.

Software development encloses all IT activities dedicated to producing, designing, deploying, and supporting software.

So let's go back to the original question: why should you develop software for your company?

The answer is easy: to meet a need and to achieve, through programming languages, a specific intent in the fastest and easiest way.

Most importantly, you should do it because in today's world it is a real must-have.
The market is booming and today's businesses, as our world has become so digital, cannot help but leverage this technology to achieve business goals and increase their bottom line.

In a nutshell, software development is nothing but the development of web and mobile applications.

What is software development

We have just already given a rough explanation of software development, now let's dig deeper.

Software development, indeed, is an entire process that incorporates the steps necessary to create software.

With the term software, we refer to the collection of information to enable hardware (like computer, tablet, or smartphone) to perform a precise action. The information is provided by means of algorithms that tell the computer what it has to do.

Basically, we talk about development referring to the process of idea and background analysis, technical design, computer programming through code, up to the testing phase to correct bugs and errors, and the following launch phase.

There are so many different types of software, which can range from data management to accounting software. However, the implied process is quite similar, no matter what type of product you plan to create.

What is the difference between software development and web development?

In this mixed world, there are some terms that might be confusing to you.
Two of these are software development and web development . This is normal, as both imply coding, but they do not represent the same thing.
And so…what are they? What is more reasonable and useful for your business?
It's quickly said.

  • Software development: through codes and functions programmers create software and applications so that hardware executes specific actions; the software that comes out is of different types and is made not only by developers but also by software houses;
  • Web development: it includes all the activities to create not an application but a website, which can be a traditional site such as a web application

As you can see, these are two different but equally useful things for companies looking to establish themselves in the digital world.

The stages of the software development process

The phases into which software development can be broken down are:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Distribution
  • Maintenance

The set of all these phases is known as the System development life cycle (SDLC), or the software development life cycle.

Why companies should develop software

Software development helps all companies compete in the modern digital world. Put another way, it offers value to a company through various types of applications.

Among them, the most used are:

  • Web applications, useful for managing email, or selling products and services and driving transactions;
  • Mobile applications, developed for mobile devices and creating greater engagement with users;
  • Enterprise applications, those that run on Windows, Linux, or macOS and increase a company's productivity by streamlining some of its internal operations;
  • Cloud applications, allow users to leverage the network to take advantage of various resources directly from their device.

What company should you turn to for software development

The professional figure that deals with software development are developers. Through their skills, developers create code to give life to different software. What they create can be more or less complex and to get a good end result, they must not only have computer mastery, but also design, graphics, and sometimes marketing skills.

This is why many software developers specialize in one type of product.

And this is why, if you want to find professionals able to create any software and not only, who also know how to advertise and promote it to grant visibility, you have to turn to a company specialized in design and development.

Taritas has the skills, experience, infrastructure, and technology to make your next big project a success by following it from scratch. Whether you need mobile apps, enterprise apps, or web apps running on cloud or on-premises you can rely on a software house expert in the field.

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