Take your SaaS idea to market
in weeks, not years

We help accelerate your B2B SaaS development using pre-built
frameworks that cut the time to market

Proud partners of leading B2B
SaaS Accelerators

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Choose from multiple Backend,
Frontend & Mobile frameworks

One codebase for your Web App + Mobile App + Backend
& Website

Why Choose Taritas for your B2B SaaS app development?

Experience the benefits of partnering with us for your B2B SaaS
development needs.

Rapid Development

Rapid Development

Speed up your launch using ready-made frameworks.

  • Handle payments, plans, subscription & User management out of the box in your product
  • Multi-language support
  • Quickly connect with other services/products
Customizable Solutions

Customizable Solutions

Pick from various backend and UI options to fit your needs.

  • Choose your preferred tech stack
  • Wide selection of web, backend, and mobile technologies
  • Tailored to your brand and style


Build a strong B2B SaaS app designed for growth.

  • Developed using best coding practices
  • Ready to scale after MVP
  • Enterprise-ready from day one
Expert Support

Expert Support

Work with our skilled team for project success.

  • Taritas team is led by experienced B2B founders
  • Access to our development team throughout the project
  • Well-documented code and support for your team during knowledge transfer

Feature-rich Pre-built Frameworks

With our pre-defined frameworks, we are able to deliver your SaaS without having to write everything from scratch. This means you save your precious funding for marketing instead of development

Account Management

Secure and user-friendly account functionalities, including 2FA, tenant switching, and password complexity

Audit Logging

Detailed user audit logs and entity histories for transparency and compliance


Real-time messaging with features like notifications, lazy loading, and private chat


Flexible building blocks for creating custom content management systems

File Management

Streamlined file organization and management with hierarchical folder structures


Easily create and share forms and surveys with advanced customization options

GDPR Compliance

Allow users to download and delete their personal data according to GDPR regulations

Identity Management

Comprehensive user, role, claims, and permission management

Identity Server UI

Manage identity server objects like clients, API resources, secrets, and more

Language Management

Add, remove, and localise languages on-the-fly for a global audience


Choose from various responsive themes built on Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5

OpenIddict UI

User, role, claims, and permission management

Payment Integration

Integrate with popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, and PayU.

SaaS Management

Manage tenants, editions, and features to build multi-tenant / SaaS applications.

Text Template Management

Edit text and email templates directly in the user interface.

Twilio SMS Integration

Send SMS notifications via Twilio's cloud service.


Create and manage engaging blogs with support for markdown, tags, comments, and ratings.

Technical Documentation

Publish professional, versioned, and multi-language technical documentation with GitHub integration

Integrate your SaaS with the most popular
tools and services out there

We help you Integrate your B2B SaaS with the Industry's Leading Tools and Services

What our customers say
about us

Team worked very well together and have a better approach to Agile working than others he’s worked with in the past

Rob Hammerton
LBF (Media)

Working with Taritas is a great collaborative experience. The skills of the team are excellent and with our technically demanding project they have quickly developed new competencies, ensuring that we were delivered a cutting edge application.

Ed Heal
LBF (Media)
Make Swift

Taritas delivered exceptional-quality work for our business mobile app using the Xamarin / Dot Net MAUI .Forms platform. They are experienced, extremely reliable, communicates well, and was able to meet all requirements and timelines. I enjoyed working with Taritas and already have a second project for him in the near future

LBF (Media)
data sense

It's always somewhat of a risk to outsource a project with an unknown group. We hired Taritas to convert one of our iPhone apps over to the Android platform. I was pleasantly surprised with their professionalism, technical expertise as well as the tools & processes they have in place to ensure the project was successful. They completed the project ahead of schedule with minimal oversight.

Blake Thornley
LBF (Media)

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