About Client: Devon hardwoods is a Devon, UK based timber merchant who expertise in supplying Hardwoods, Softwoods & Sheet Materials to other trades & customers. 

Problem Statement: Timber merchant and furniture trades across the UK all have the requirement of fulfilling their customer’s needs by receiving their orders, locating the stock within their warehouses and ensuring the products are delivered to them in a timely manner. For over a decade, a software application known as Autocube has been used within the timber merchant and furniture trade to aid businesses in the process of supplying customers with their wares. Autocube has been developed to run on Psion devices; that of which are no longer being manufactured and have become increasingly difficult to source in the event of businesses needing to order replacement devices. Devon Hardwoods have seen an opportunity within the market to create a replacement product to Autocube that initially will be used by themselves with the intention of being made available to other members of the UK’s Timber Trade Federation. Although the future scope and capability of the new application is extensive, the first iteration of the product is to address the replacement of Autocube’s existing functionality by providing a mobile application that can run on Android and iOS devices.

Taritas’ Solution: Taritas team had initial meetings with Devon Hardwoods to understand their requirements & to document them. The output was a document created with all the requirements indexed & detailed. Once the Documents were signed off, we created wireframes & prototypes for the new application based on the requirement. After a few more meetings where these prototypes went through an approval process, we finally got into development phase. We chose Xamarin Forms as our preferred technology to develop the Android & iOS mobile applications. Choosing Xamarin over traditional development efforts helped the client save time & cost in getting both Android & iOS Apps developed. 

Along with the mobile apps Taritas also helped build a Web Application for their support & admin staff to manage these orders. The results were a new solution available for the client right in time to replace the legacy Autocube solution. 

Android/iOS/ Web 

Xamarin Forms, Azure App Services, Azure SQL DB

 6 Months


Apps: Both Android & iOS apps are distributed in house to their internal users.