RunAmerica Mobile App

RunAmerica Mobile App

Run America: 

About Client: RunAmerica is the absolute best place to find, review, and discuss running-infused events across America. RunAmerica is the place to connect with your friends. It’s a place to encourage everyone to get out there, leave feedback and set (as in ready ..set..) the exact type of event you are looking for! RunAmerica provides access to a growing list of over 500,000 events annually. Be sure to use RunAmerica to precisely identify only those events that interest you!

Problem Statement: RunAmerica, a leading portal used in America to provide details of over 500,000 events annually already uses a website to offer their services to their customers & clients. They were looking to extend these services via mobile apps. The services included, finding running events by date, location, range, type of running & over 10 other parameters. 

Taritas’ Solution: Taritas helped RunAmerica prototype & develop Android & iOS apps using Xamarin. These Apps allow their customers to find the running events based on category, Location, event type & distance. The App also allows social logins with Facebook, twitter & Instagram. Registered users can save their event details & the app also reminds them about upcoming events based on their interests.  The app provides them an option to navigate to the events using google Maps turn by turn directions & leave a feedback & star rating for the events. 


Xamarin Forms 

2 Months