About Client:  Netpractise specialise in customer flow management, digital signage and room booking systems for large and small organisations in the public and private sectors. Our in-house software development team created the Digital Media Signage software for delivering information to screens worldwide. Our latest DMS makes it even easier to publish content, in just three easy steps.

Problem Statement: L.B Foster Netpractise’s Operational Information System is a web based Digital Signage solution that allows the customers to manage digital messages to be broadcasted over a large number of public transport services such as railway stations. They used their OIS system on 77 stations of Network rail, UK ahead of the London Olympics. L.B. Foster needed a solution to be able to use the same OIS system from handheld devices by their engineers.   

Taritas’ Solution: Taritas proposed a solution using a dedicated, bespoke iPad application using existing OIS APIs & Backend to allow their field executives to manage the digital information displays on the go. Since the requirement was only to use iPad devices, we suggested going ahead with Xamarin.iOS framework. 

The end result was a beautiful app running on iPad with which the field executives could manage, edit & publish new messages to the in station displays. The app had features like Player Management, banned Words Management, Selection of Pre-defined templates, Editing of messages & validating them against the restricted words & finally publishing them to desired in station displays all on the go. 

The App is distributed privately to in house users using Apple’s enterprise account services. 


Xamarin iOS

1 Month