Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning

About Client: Never Stop Learning is a popular service created by its CEO Soumitra Mukharjee. The Website & it’s Facebook pages see millions of unique visitors every month.
The parent company is an internet media company established in 2014. A team of enthusiast who are focused on providing you with the most bizarre, odd and strange things around the world.

Problem Statement: Soumitra already runs a very popular Facebook Page that sees massive number of visits from its users every month. In order to maximize the reach of their content, they reached out to Taritas to develop mobile apps for Android platform. 

Taritas’ Solution: As part of providing our services to NSL, we designed, prototypes & developed the new Never Stop Learning apps for the client using Xamarin Forms. The apps allows users to see the facts in an Instagram like feed. The users can also see the facts based on a certain category,  bookmark them & share them within their own network in few simple clicks.
Within days of publishing the app to the stores, it saw a huge number of downloads & is rated over 4.5 stars In both Android & iOS stores. 


Xamarin Forms 

1.5 Months

Facebook Page:

Customer Feedback:
“Taritas has a highly professional team of Developers who will deliver high-end quality work on time. I thoroughly appreciate the thoughtful, fully engaged, and the above and beyond work/awareness that Abhishek and team brings to the table”
– Soumitra, Founder, Never Stop Learning