About Client: Makeswift is a London, UK based company that offers a unique solution to cut the paper based forms & to digitize them via dynamic forms. 

Problem Statement: Makeswift reached out to us with a concept of the new app design that allows for creating of new dynamic web based forms that can be filled on with the data using Android & iOS apps. They needed the app to work on mobile phones as well as Tablets. The app also required to work in offline scenarios where the internet connection is not available. 

Taritas’ Solution: Taritas helped MakeSwift prototype & develop Android & iOS apps using Xamarin Forms. Along with the Xamarin based mobile apps, Taritas also developed their web application that allows their clients to create dynamic reports & send them to their field agents dynamically. The new solution removes the inefficiencies of field-based data collection with cutting edge mobile app technology that tailors perfectly to the reporting needs of their clients.

It eliminates paperwork from the reporting processes that are critical to the management of compliance, cost and customer satisfaction.


Xamarin Forms/ Azure App Services, Azure Blob Storage, Azure MS SQL DB, Push Notifications  

6 Months


Customer Feedback:
“Working with Taritas is a great collaborative experience. The skills of the team are excellent and with our technically demanding project they have quickly developed new competencies, ensuring that we were delivered a cutting edge application.”
– Ed Heal, MakeSwift