Curry Pizza

Curry Pizza

About Client: Curry Pizza is a Utah, US based Indian restaurant that has been serving Indian food to its customers for over 10 years. They specialize in creation of curry sources for their pizzas. Available in 4 different locations across Utah, they are one of the top most choice for their customers offering mouth-watering pizzas. 

Problem Statement: Curry Pizza has been serving to their customers offline & via their web portal for years. They now needed to offer their services via mobile apps as well. Since they are already tied up with a lot of local delivery services, they wanted to utilize the existing services as it is. 

Taritas’ Solution: We first engaged the design team at Taritas to do some quick prototypes using Adobe XD. Once they were approved by the client, Taritas offered them to develop mobile applications using Xamarin Forms for both Android & iOS. Using Xamarin Forms allowed them to save costs in comparison to the traditional mobile app development practices as a single code base was used to create both Android & iOS Apps. The App’s design was also kept simple & intuitive to allow their customers to easily find which location they want to order from & using the existing delivery services they are using. 

Overall, taritas was able to build a solution for them in less than 2 weeks. From Concept to Apps in the market. Here are a few quick links. 


Xamarin Forms 

2 weeks 


iOS: To be available soon, App under review by Apple.