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Get MVP version of your Android / iOS apps developed and delivered in 15 days. Great for Startups looking to get an MVP version to receive early feedback from customers/ stakeholders.

$ 4,999.00 
What’s Included?
Turnaround time: 15 Days
Platform - Android & iOS
Technologies - Mobile: Xamarin/ MAUI/ Flutter; Web: NA
Default screens included: Login, Sign Up, Forgot Password
Additional business screens included: 5 screens with business logic as per your requirement
APIs & Backend: Existing APIs & backend should be available
Design & Prototype: Should be available, if not we can do the prototype starting at $250


The first version of the production-ready app. Tested on multiple physical Android & iOS devices. Great for generating early traction & getting your first thousand users. It comes with a basic Web App for Admin & reporting functionality.

$ 19,999.00 
What’s Included?
Turnaround time: 30 Days
Platforms - Android & iOS
Technologies - Mobile: Xamarin/ MAUI/ Flutter; Web: Angular/ Dot Net Core
Default screens included: Login, Sign Up, Forgot Password
Additional business screens included: 10 screens with business logic as per your requirement
APIs, Backend & Prototype: Included. We will do the APIs & Backend if not available. The package includes 1 variation of prototype with your brand colors.
Web App: Included, a basic web app with Admin login, Dashboard & basic reporting.


Fully functional, scalable & enterprise-ready app. Good for SaaS/ Product Startups. Comes with a fully functional web app with Admin/ Reporting/ CRUD & Subscription Management/ User Management/ Multi-tenant web & mobile app with cloud backend.

$ 49,999.00 
What’s Included?
Turnaround time: 45 Days
Platforms: Android & iOS + Web App
Technology: Mobile: Xamarin/ Dot Net MAUI/ Flutter | Web: Angular/ Dot Net Core
Number of business screens included in the App: 20 screens with business logic as per your requirement
Web App: Included with admin, CRUD functionality and 20 screens with reporting + multi-tenant, subscription management/ user management/ audit logs etc.
Source Code: Fully modular & maintainable source code with comments and best practices delivered to you at the end of the engagement
Premium Support: 1-hour free consulting call with our experts on how to apply for Microsoft for Startups & get Azure credits for first two years to save up to $150000 in Azure Credits & other benefits.

None of the above plans fit your needs? Talk to us & we will help you with a custom quote based on your requirements.

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We will do the rest

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Have questions? We have answers

We have drafted this FAQ page to answer many of the frequently asked questions we were asked along the way.

How can you deliver apps only in 15 days?

Taritas has been designing and developing mobile apps for past 10 years. Over the years we have created a number of apps & have created re-usable components that we can use to quickly deliver your apps in the given time frame. We also use Xamarin/ MAUI as the cross-platform framework for developing your mobile apps. Apps done with these technologies share a single code & thus are developed faster.

What is Dot Net MAUI?

MAUI or Multi-platform App UI is the newest version of Xamarin. Microsoft has recently rebranded Xamarin to MAUI. The core principals remains the same as Xamarin. Using .NET MAUI, you can develop apps that can run on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows from a single shared code-base.

I don't have a design ready for my app, will you help?

Of course. Please choose the right plan from above & connect with us so we can discuss your requirements & help you with a prototype that works well for you. Our prototyping services start at $250 for MVP plan.

Why should we consider working with Taritas?

Taritas is a Gold Level Partner with Microsoft for application development. We are one of the only few official Xamarin consulting partners with Microsoft for Xamarin development. Our developers are Xamarin/ Microsoft Azure certified & we have delivered good quality work to some very big brands such as LB Fosters, Network rail, HSBC, Bank of China and more. Your work is in safe & experienced hands with Taritas.

Is Xamarin good?

Xamarin is a cross platform app development framework by Microsoft. It's open source & you will find many developers who can continue working on your app if you decide to do so. Apps developed with Xamarin are cross-platform, meaning we write only one code base & both Android & iOS apps are developed simultaneously with up to 90% of code reuse. This is also one of the reasons we have short turnaround times to design & develop your apps.

Do I have to pay upfront?

Yes, for the MVP plan the payment needs to be done up front. For Grow & Scale, we can customize the payment options for you. Speak to us today.

Are apps developed with Xamarin/ MAUI native?

Apps developed with Xamarin or MAUI are 100% native. In simpler terms they look & perform exactly the same as other native Android or iOS apps developed using Java, Cordova, Objective C or Swift. Xamarin/ MAUI apps have access to all native platform specific APIs and they can do everything you expect a good, performing, native mobile app to do.

I've more questions which aren't answered here.

No worries. Please feel free to chat with us or contact us & we will try our best to help you with your questions :)